Borderless Higher Education for Refugees 

Our project aims to take educational assets where they are available and deliver them to where they are needed.  

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Feasibility Study Report

The Feasibility Study Report shares the key findings and recommendations of BHER project researchers and partners for the design of a sustainable multi-partner model to improve secondary-level teacher training as a path to higher education opportunities for disadvantaged young people living in Dadaab refugee camps in Kenya.



Toronto Workshop 2012 - Agenda & Report

BHER Feasibility Study Report (FSR) Workshop Agenda & Report
May 14-15th 2012
McLaughlin College Room 157A,
York University, Toronto



We have compiled a list of journals and other publications pertaining to the fields of refugees and forced migration and education with a specific focus on higher education and open/distance learning. Please note that this is not a comprehensive list nor are they sponsorships of particular journals. Finally, we are open to expanding this list so please feel free to email us any suggestions at

Refugees and Forced Migration

Toronto Workshop 2010 - Agenda & Report

Borderless Education: The Provision of Tertiary Programs to Long‐term Refugees
Centre for Refugee Studies (CRS), York University

April 9th‐11th, 2010





Nairobi Workshop 2011 - Agenda & Report

BHER Agenda
Workshop Agenda - Nairobi, Kenya
December 2nd - December 4th, 2011

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