2012 Participant

“The CRS summer course has a very collegial and welcoming environment. I found that individuals who took this course along with me were there to learn and share their experiences. When I took the course, I was very interested in expanding the knowledge I had gained from the CRS certificate program. I was also looking for ideas in terms of field of study and job possibilities. I was not disappointed. I met scholars, educators, settlement workers, and individuals working in government, policy and law. I learned about the work they do from both the formal and informal sessions. We also had many opportunities to talk during breaks and lunch (food was included by the way). We heard from a great variety of distinguished guests from various academic backgrounds including refugee and forced migration studies, geography and law, as well as practitioners in the field. The best thing for me was not only hearing from these various speakers, but having the opportunity to meet them, ask questions and exchange information. Since taking this course, I have graduated and obtained a full time position in government. The course has helped me in my current field of work, specifically what we learned about citizenship, refugee and immigration policy. I have recommended this course to my colleagues in government and would recommend this to anyone looking for a great learning and networking experience. I would take the course again, given the opportunity.” – 2012 Participant

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