2014 Participant

“I attended the summer course in 2014, from Singapore. This inspirational and mind opening training led to the foundation of OUR- Open Universities for Refugees- a humanitarian initiative which conducts educational projects (access to higher education/teacher training/ bridging course) for the displaced youth in Malaysia and Indonesia.” – 2014 Participant

2013 Participant

“The course has helped me learn more about international development and it is not the area that I am very well versed in. So I am hoping that when I am done school, I would like to explore this more under the refugee context. I hope in the near future that I am able to […]

2012 Participant

“The CRS summer course has a very collegial and welcoming environment. I found that individuals who took this course along with me were there to learn and share their experiences. When I took the course, I was very interested in expanding the knowledge I had gained from the CRS certificate program. I was also looking […]

2012 Participant

“My decision to participate in the CRS Summer Course was influenced by several factors. As a recognized refugee in South Korea, I wanted to understand what is going on in other countries. This decision sounded like a suicide for my family life. I mean, the financial cost ruined the family budget balance. But, this was […]

2012 Participant

“I can say with little exaggeration that the CRS Summer Course changed the course of my career forever. Each of the 7 days highlighted a different aspect of the field of Forced Migration. The presenters themselves were leading academics, experts and key figures in the discipline that offered insight and professional know-how fostered through decades […]