“I can say with little exaggeration that the CRS Summer Course changed the course of my career forever. Each of the 7 days highlighted a different aspect of the field of Forced Migration. The presenters themselves were leading academics, experts and key figures in the discipline that offered insight and professional know-how fostered through decades of experience. As well, the course draws participants from various backgrounds from graduate students to senior officials from INGOs, government and the settlement sector which provides a great atmosphere not only for lively group discussion but an excellent opportunity to network. Through this experience I was able to meet and connect with a project which has since allowed me to work and travel in parts of the world I wouldn’t have imagined. I would not only highly recommend the course, I hope myself to continue participating for many years to come.” – 2012 participant

“I am really just starting my exploration of this field and trying to decide how I will want to incorporate it in my work and future studies. This week has been invaluable and given me such a wonderful jumping off point. It has truly been an amazing opportunity.” – 2014 participant

“Thank you for this eye/mind/heart opening experience.” – 2014 participant

“My decision to participate in the CRS Summer Course was influenced by several factors. As a recognized refugee in South Korea, I wanted to understand what is going on in other countries. This decision sounded like a suicide for my family life. I mean, the financial cost ruined the family budget balance. But, this was a wise decision considering where this course is taking me one year after. The course content played a very important part, as it covered areas that fit my needs. The fact that the lectures were taught by scholars and practitioners was another big factor. The result of completing this course has had a direct impact on my work, including raising awareness about refugees in Korea, and becoming a leader in refugee activism in the entire South Pacific region.” – 2012 Participant

“This course has truly inspired me to continue a career working with refugees. Thank you!” – 2014 participant