Hilary Evans Cameron

Hilary Evans Cameron (SJD 2016) practiced refugee law for a decade, representing claimants before the Immigration and Refugee Board and the Federal Court. Her research explores decision-making in the refugee determination context with a focus on credibility assessment. Her article on memory (International Journal of Refugee Law) has been included in James Hathaway’s anthology of “the finest scholarship available” in refugee law from the 1930s to the present. Dr. Evans Cameron was recently invited to Hungary by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees to participate in a UN Expert Roundtable on Credibility Determination, and she traveled to Sweden to advise a team of cognitive psychologists attempting to improve credibility assessment in the Swedish refugee system. She has taught as a clinical instructor and as an Adjunct Professor at the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Law. She currently teaches in Trinity College’s Ethics, Society and Law program, and is a Visiting Associate at the University of Toronto’s Centre for Ethics. She is completing a book about the law of fact-finding in refugee status decision-making, to be published in the coming year by Cambridge University Press. This fall, Dr. Evans Cameron will be beginning a fellowship at Osgoode Hall Law School, where she will be teaching a course on fact-finding in refugee law, and undertaking the first quantitative study of credibility judgments in the refugee context.